Health and Wellness





A large part of our Health and Wellness program is increasing the knowledge of our team members. To achieve this, Evolution has a Health and Wellness week at the start of each year. This is a week where external specialists come in to provide internal seminars on Health and Wellness topics. To date, we have had a psychologist come in to speak about stress and burnout, a nutritionist to come in to speak about what it means to eat healthy, an Ironman to speak about overcoming adversity, and personal trainers to come in to speak about work life balance.


Our Health and Wellness program is more than having our lunches made for us. It also includes the provision of Health and Wellness Leave and a Health and Wellness allowance. Each of our team members is given a Health and Wellness allowance each year. This allowance can be spent on anything which will benefit their Health and Wellness. For example, some of our team members have spent their allowances on spa days, running shoes, physiotherapist / massage therapists, golf membership and also gym membership.

We realize that an employer must not only provide health and wellness benefits but also facilitate Health and Wellness behaviour. Accordingly, at Evolution, each team member is entitled to Health and Wellness leave. This is a few hours of leave each week to each team member so they can engage in Health and Wellness related activities. For example, leaving early one afternoon to go to the gym or coming in later in the morning so you can go for a swim etc.

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