Life/Work Balance

We are interested in working with our team members throughout their career and not just a short period of time. In order for us to achieve this, we need to ensure our team members have achieved a work life balance which is conducive to a successful long term career.

We provide our team members with flexibility, support and knowledge. Our team members who are studying are given flexibility in respect to work hours and days as well as given paid leave on exam days as well as study days (see DTO for more information).



All our team members are regarded by Evolution to be professionals. This means, there are instances where team members may need to spend additional hours at work. If a team member needs to spend more than their standard hours at work, their additional hours are accumulated and recorded. These accumulated additional hours can be used for additional study leave and time away from work for social events etc provided a number of criteria are satisfied.

A majority of our team members who accumulate additional hours use these hours for study leave before university exams.



If a team member has an exam on a working day that day is given to the team member as a paid exam day. This is because Evolution actively encourages and supports its team member’s cycle of continuous improvement.

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