Xero Pricing 2016

Changes to Xero standard and premium pricing plans in Australia


As of 2nd June 2016, Xero pricing will change to reflect the significant modifications that have been made to enable seamless software integration to improve your financial accounting needs.


What are the key changes to pricing plans?

  • The limit for payroll employees’ on the standard plan will reduce to one employee
  • A premium 5 plan will be introduced with up to five payroll employees, auto-super and multi-currency, for $60 per month
  • Premium plans will increase by $10 per month
  • Starter and partner edition plans are not changing 


Who will be the most affected by these changes?

  • Business’ that are currently on the standard plan but have more than one employee will automatically be upgraded to the new Premium 5 Plan which will enable auto super. This will be a $10/month increase.
  • Business’ on Premium 10, 20 or 100 plan will have a $10/month increase


Price changes will occur as at 2nd June and your subscription will be updated automatically by Xero



Premium 5

Premium 10

Premium 20

Premium 50

Premium 100








Payroll for 1 employee

Payroll for 1 employee

Payroll for 5 employees

Payroll for 10 employees

Payroll for 20 employees

Payroll for 50 employees

Payroll for 100 employees

No change

Same price payroll limit reduced

New plan

Was $60

Was $70

Was $80

Was $90

Innovative payroll for small business

At Evolution, we understand the importance of time management. Processing payroll can be time-consuming and complex, which can accumulate into a major headache for business owners.

Payroll in Xero makes it easy to manage your payroll from anywhere. It saves hours of administrative work and lets you lodge reports with the ATO – all from within Xero. Your payroll data automatically appears on your general ledger after a pay run to help keep your accounts up-to-date.


Seamless and ATO compliant superannuation payments will be available for you to set up now with the support from Evolution if you have not already done so. Xero is perpetually upgrading its software in order to ensure that your time will be spent making improved strategic decisions for the benefit of your business.


Payroll has rapidly evolved with significant updates in the last two years. Here are some of the recent highlights:

•Seamless and compliant Superannuation
•Mobile app that cuts the paperwork from leave requests and payslips
•Pay out unused leave when employment ends

Save time and hassle by processing final earnings, unused leave balances and any redundancy payments in a single pay run. Increase accuracy because tax on unused leave is calculated automatically.


Employees can request leave and managers can approve or decline it – all from their mobile. This saves on administration because employees can view their pay history and submit timesheets from anywhere.


Auto-super on premium plans automatically makes contributions to different super funds for your employees.

Xero’s auto-super is gold-level certified for SuperStream, the ATO’s new superannuation payments standard.


Upcoming changes to cloud computing…


In addition in implementing these features, the coming months will also see Xero launching:

  • PAYG and withholding tax will automatically appear in the current activity statement
  • Bonuses and commissions will be supported
  • Employment termination payment summaries can be produced and lodged with the ATO from Xero