Accounting & Business Advisory

Our expert team of Business Advisers understand that every business needs a unique approach. We’re here to work closely and honestly with you as a partner in the journey to achieving your business goals, offering;


Financial & Management Reporting. . .

Timely and accurate financial statements provide the foundation upon which your business compliance obligations are met and form the basis for improved decision making regarding the future success of your business. Regular management reporting allows you to monitor the impact of your decisions as they are made and change course if required. Vital in today’s fast paced business environment.

Taxation & Compliance Advice. . .

Our Tax Services cover:
• Tax effective business structuring
• Advice on taxation law
• Tax minimisation
• Small business Capital Gains Tax concessions
• FBT and salary packaging
• Income tax returns
• Compliance

Our Audit Services cover:
• Public Companies
• Government funded organisations
• Unincorporated bodies and clubs

Trust Account Audits for:
• Solicitors
• Real Estate Agents
• Travel Agents
• Accountants

Business Establishment & Structuring. . .

Buying or starting your own business is a big step, and we want to take the journey with you. Our start-up specialists will assist you in setting up correctly from the beginning with the appropriate business structure and operating plan to ensure maximum asset protection and tax effectiveness.
Let us help you with:
• Business structure advice
• Applications for Australian Business Number (ABN), Tax File Number (TFN), PAYG Withholding etc.
• Record-keeping training and maintenance
• Computer accounting packages eg. Xero
• Bookkeeping Solutions
• Business Activity Statements (BAS) and GST
• Forecasting potential cash flow and profit

Strategic Planning. . .

Your business is up and running – but do you have a clear direction. Our experienced business mentors are here to work closely and honestly with you on your business’ life cycle, from start-up to sale and everything in between.

Business Plan
A Business Plan is the blueprint for your business. It communicates clearly the “who” and “what” of your business. It is a key component of the loan process and serves as a foundation for the business. It answers the basic questions of:
• Who is running the business?
• What makes them qualified?
• What do they bring to the table that adds value?
• Who is the competition?
• Who is the customer?
• How big is the market and how will you connect with them?
• What products and/or services are you providing?
• How will you provide your products / services?
In short, a Business Plan explains the operations of the business. Evolution’s business mentors can assist with your business plan so your business start offs on the right foot.

Strategic Plan
If the Business Plan is the foundation, then the Strategic Plan is the framework to build the business. It gives you the “how” and the “when”. It’s the action plan for your business, with tasks, milestones and steps outlined to drive the business forward. It answers the more complex questions of:
• How will you measure success?
• What needs to happen so you can achieve your goals?
• What resources do you need to get there?
• When will each activity take place?
• Who will do it?

The investment in a business is substantial in terms of both financial and sweat equity. It therefore makes sense to work with Evolution’s business development team to give your business every opportunity to achieve.

KPI / Dashboard Reporting. . .

Having a budget, reporting mechanisms and analysing key performance indicators will increase your business’ efficiency and reduce exposure to risk. Your business adviser will have regular review meetings with you to ensure your business is on the right track.

Budgeting & Cash Flow Forecasting. . .

A healthy cash flow is vital to the future success of your business. Evolution can help you better understand the cash flow requirements or improve the cash flow of your business.

Business Valuations. . .

At Evolution we provide business valuations for a number of reasons. A business valuation should be considered a starting point for any negotiations, be it buying, selling, investing in company shares or becoming a partner in any business.

Succession Planning. . .

You might not like to think about it when starting up a business, but it’s inevitable that one day you will leave your business. Whether it be a decision to sell or retire, it’s important to plan for that day. At Evolution we have assisted many business owners build their businesses in readiness for sale and also assisted many undertake the succession process. At Evolution we understand the importance of getting the process right and maximising the after tax return that you are entitled to after investing years of sweat into the business.