About Us

At Evolution you will find real people who have your best interest at heart and care about what matters to you.  Evolution Business and Personal Advisers was born from the merger of two longstanding Chartered Accounting firms, Sefton & Loudon and O'Shea Glover. The two firms, with combined experience of nearly 150 years, were renowned for providing high quality accounting, taxation and business advisory services to clients in a personal manner. Since this merger in 2004 the firm has grown and expanded to provide a varierty of services to our diverse client base.  At Evolution, we believe creating wealth and well being, personally and in business, requires constant evolution in thinking, attitude and behaviour. This was the impetus behind the creation of Evolution - to develop services that will be of value to our clients, across their business, professional and personal lives.  When it comes to helping with your business or personal needs there is a lot we can do (just ask us).

We have a large team with a varierty of skills to offer our clients.  Our team at Evolution is committed to delivering exceptional services, personalised to suit the needs of each client. By partnering our clients through their business and personal lifecycles, we aim to enhance the value they achieved from the relationship.

Our client base extends well beyond the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Region. That said, Evolution feels fortunate to belong to a region so dynamic with significant potential for growth. It also offers much in the way of recreational pursuits and lifestyle opportunities. These natural advantages help provide a better work and life balance - important in achieving well being, as well as financial success.


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