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Australia’s population is ageing at a rapid rate and as a result more Australians will be relying on Aged Care facilities in the later stages of their lives.

The Aged Care system along with the effects that your decisions will have on your investments, aged care fees and Centrelink benefits is an extremely complex area. With so many variables it can be difficult on your own to analyse all the options to decide which are most suitable for your situation. Whether you are considering your own aged care options or those of a family member or friend our specialist Aged Care Advisers will help you navigate the process and provide financial strategies to assist with:

  • Structuring Assets

  • Maximising Cash Flow

  • Centrelink Management

Contact Courtney Banks to discuss your situation. Courtney regularly deals with enquiries about the financial implications of moving to an aged care facility. If you have questions such as; Can I afford an aged care facility or home care? Can I afford to keep my family home? Courtney can assist, and help you navigate the rules and regulations, the Centrelink implications and help you make the complex simple.

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