Life & Work balance

We’re looking to establish long term working relationships with our team members. We want to nurture each team member’s career so that we enjoy the benefits of their experience and commitment. In order for us to achieve this long term relationship, we understand it’s important to offer our team members a work / life balance so they feel valued and happy with their career. In recognition of this we aim to provide our team members flexibility, support and knowledge through the following initiatives.


Sometimes it may be necessary for our team members to work additional hours – this doesn’t go unrecognised, that’s why we offer Discretionary Time Off (DTO). If a team member needs to spend more than their standard hours at work, their additional hours are accumulated and recorded. These accumulated additional hours can be used for study leave or time away from work for social events etc provided a number of criteria are satisfied.


We encourage and support the professional development of our team members, that’s why if a team member has an exam on a working day they will be paid for that day.