Merry Christmas from the Financial Planning team at Evolution!

To get you through the holidays with your finances (relatively) unscathed, here are our top tips to keep you on track:

1 – Plan plan plan. Make a detailed plan about how much you are going to spend on presents and other expenses over the holidays, and stick to it!

2 – Start early. This allows you to not only spread the cost over more of the year, but there are sales on every month, allowing you to snag bargains that will likely have disappeared if you wait until the last minute.

3 – It’s probably too late to get started with this one for this year, but not too early for next – open a dedicated “Christmas” bank account, and transfer a small amount in each week. Sit back and watch your balance grow in time for the next round of present buying.

4 – Come in and meet with us – we will help you ensure you have a robust financial plan in place.

Merry Christmas from our Financial Planning team and all the best for the New Year!


Jane Hextell